About Us

Welcome To MSM Apparel Sourcing Bangladesh

We represent a battery of factories in Bangladesh. We scrutinize your need & evaluate against every qualified vendor on quality, capability, capacity & price. We do our best yo meet your desired result. Getting a job done is easy. But getting the right job done & doing it right is our forte.

Who Are We

With a history of more than 10 years, we have grown with time and our clients to become a known entity as offshore apparel sourcing service center with demographics of North America, EU & Far East covered.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive buying, sourcing , merchandising &product development services, with a guarantee of quality, speed, agility ,competitive pricing, on time delivery with world class service level

What We Do

Name it. Everything from A to Z in apparel sourcing. Sourcing right vendors for the right product, quick turnaround of samples, technical services, costing, quality assurance, banking help & export documentation. The list is endless.

Our Goal

We strictly follow what the great leader Mahatma Gandhi said ” Customer is King”. Our main mission is to satisfy not only our customer but also all the stake holders in the supply chain without loosing integrity at any cost. 

Our 6-D Process


The latest trend in the market. Stay informed & work on new ideas. Share those with our customers


We define each and every business need on current business context, evaluate & propose the best values associated with customers on their inquiries.


Every customer is different. Hence, we design the CRITICAL to CUSTOMER matrix while keep it flexible for them whenever they request a change.


Based on demand, we design & develop various models of supply chain. Like our lead time for customers varies from 30 days quick turn around to 90 days normal business.


We deploy our workforce at every critical stage of supply chain. Be it timely communication or feedback, quick response, technical services or even personal assistance when our customer visits here.


We deliver our promised & agreed services & products with no compromization on quality.

Why Choose Us?

Quality is not a journey with a starting point and ending node. It is a philosophy. Hence, our endeavor is to excel everyday better than yesterday remains the mantra.

Whether it is a simple primary inquiry or a serious note on change in product spec and deliver revised samples or even make 11th hour changes in design changes – we respond promptly, often within 24 hours.

We measure ourselves. And that is doe with three prong approach. We request our customers, vendors to assess our work on various critical to business KPI. We also asks each individul employee including the Managing Director to evaluate self performance periodically to improve further. Driving continuous improvement is our key goal.

Our team members comes from various backgrounds. While some are technical wizard, quite a few are dexterous in translating customers demand in reality by devising a path where bumps are minimized. We do not discriminate with creed, cast, religion & gender. We are a team of MSM human being.

Our recent KPI from 2015 to 2019

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For quick help, please call us at +880-1712878510 or +880-1709206577. You can also email to: info@msmapparelsourcing.com


  • House 396, Road 6, DOHS Baridhara, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh